A little about Zumwalt's

Zumwalt's Bicycle Center is a family owned store celebrating 86 years of selling and servicing the bicycles of our San Diego residents. We stock Specialized, Norco, Yeti, Masi, Haro, Surly, Shimano, SRAM, and many other top brands. We're your ONE STOP SHOP.

Way, way back in the dark ages of 1930, Robert Zumwalt {Grandpa "Z"} was tired of repairing lawn-mowers and started repairing bicycles on the side. In 1931 he and his dad { great grandpa Z } put the lawn mower repair on hold and opened " Zumwalt's Bicycle Hospital" on University Ave. in North Park. They soon added bicycle sales and Schwinn bicycles to the offerings. During the war, steel was not not available for consumer goods, making it very difficult to get new Schwinn Bikes. Grandpa Z went back to building and reconditioning used bikes. Soon after the war ended, bicycles became very popular and new bikes sale grew. In the 1940's bicycle racing was the rage, so Grandpa Z started coaching a few kids. A few kids soon grew to become The North Park Cycling Club. Grandpa Z and one of the kids by the name of Jerry Rimoldi founded the North Park Cycling Club. This was the largest club at the time. This club was eventually passed on to new management in the late 60'S as it grew and was renamed as the "San Diego Bicycle Club" {SDBC}. Jerry Rimoldi went on to coach the Munich Olympic track team. Grandpa Z continued with the growth of the Zumwalt brand. In the 1950's and 60 Peugeot, Raleigh, Bianchi and a few other bike lines were added alongside Schwinn. 1979 Grandpa Z had a stroke working late one nite and was found by a customer lying behind the counter. This was the end of his term. No he didn't pass, but he couldn't work anymore. It was now time for Shirlee Zumwalt-Hayman {daughter} and Robert Zumwalt Jr. {son} to take over. By 1982 the shop doing very well and had added Masi, Ciocc, Bianchi, Diamond Back, Univega and a few other niche lines to the offerings. In 1989 as Robert was not enjoying the day to day of operating the store, Shirlee bought him out. Shirlee, with the help of her sons Todd and Brian and a few employees ran the store. By 1996 Shirlee herself fell to the pressures of retail and was not enjoying the business as she once had. In 1997, Todd Hayman, Shirlee's eldest son had expressed interest in taking over. Shirlee had other plans for the store, so Todd resigned and purchase College Cyclery from long time family friend Jerry Rimoldi in 1997. He ran the store under the College Cyclery name for two years and when Shirlee closed the original Zumwalt location, Todd decided to continue the name at his location. Todd ran the new Zumwalt's Bicycle Center store in the El Cajon Blvd. location for 21 years. In 2017, Todd relocated the store to Santee, were it operates today. Todd is the fourth generation with over 40 years of personal experience. He is currently training one his long time employees, Kris "The Creature" Beecher. Kris has worked on and off with the Zumwalt family since he was14 years old. Kris has also worked with SE Racing,Two Hip Bikes, Alliant Bicyles, Dirt Master Bikes and a few of our competitor stores that are no longer in business.  They just didn't have the same same love for bikes as we do. It's a passion, not just a business. We love what we do. 

Today the store continues in it's Third location under the Zumwalt family. LETS GO FOR 90-95-100 YEARS??